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Episode 8 – 10 Ideas

First off I want to point out a couple of new additions to the site.  I now have a facebook and rss icons on this page.  I have created a facebook page for this site.  Feel free to join and help me create the direction for this site and community.

Second, I again want to talk about the information on the faq page.  To help prevent spam and slightly control comment content, you have to register to make your first comment.  That requires your e-mail address.  That address will not appear on the page with your comment and the e-mail is used for no-other purpose.

Finally, should you want to listen to the podcast on the run, you can download them by right-clicking on the download option and the choosing save-as… and save the mp3 file in the directory of your choice, including on your mp3 player.

In this Episode we talk about “ten” Ideas to do something toward creating and making things.  Ten is in quotes because I lost count while making the audio and after listening and writing the items I came up with fourteen items.

The list of ideas to do are:

  1. Teach your children and involve them in your projects.
  2. Repair things around  your house.
  3. Cooking — learn new techniques and herbs and spices
  4. Build a cold-frame / miniature greenhouse
  5. Planting and Gardening — vegetable and flowers
  6. Build a small building – A shed or even a dog house
  7. Look and observe — copy and modify — learn how others solved problems and improve.
  8. Paint your house.
  9. Volunteer where you can learn skills
  10. Pitch in and help neighbors and friends with their projects — build community.
  11. Read and learn about some social issues – learn where you want to spend your time and money.
  12. Build cheap structures and frames out of pvc pipe or 2X4’s
  13. Draw – sketch – no more expensive and pencil and paper.
  14. Digital Photography.  An excuse to get out and pictures to show for your time.

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