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Episode 62 – Finite minds – Infinite details

Not often the correct answer!

To understand complicated machines and processes, we often have to break those down into sub-processes and components.   However, since each component must work with the whole, we have to know how it fits with the whole.  What is the function it is trying to do?  What inputs does it require?   What kind of inputs are available?  What outputs does it need to produce?

So… each part or component must work well with the components around it and each much do its job.  In the design, fabrication, and troubleshooting of these components we have to know  both the total process it will be used in as well as knowing the details of the component.  — Luckily, we may not need to know both the overview and the details at the same time.

In the audio I make several analogies and stories.  I compare it to a river, sometimes wide and shallow, sometimes narrow and deep.  I compare it to working with CAD and other drawings; sometimes zoomed out looking at the overview, sometimes zoomed in looking at the details.

The client-server relationship is also an analogy often used.  Some parts of a machine or program acts as the client, and some as the server.  Often a particular component is both a client and server.

It is a big job, taking on a project, we have to look at both the overview to determine what we want to do and we also have to look at all the details to determine how we are going to do it.



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