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Episode-56 The Direction of Create-And-Make

This is about the direction this Blog seems to be going and is also notes about the audio file associated with this post.

First a correction to the audio: I said episode 57, it is really 56, I lost count.


  • I am currently no longer supporting the twitter channel so I have removed the twitter button on the home page.
  • I have added a YouTube button that goes to the YouTube channel related to this blog site.
  • I highly encourage you to subscribe to the e-mail subscription service.  I am posting a little bit randomly, the e-mail subscription service does send an e-mail with each and every post.
  • I have got the posts listed on a spreadsheet along with the categories and tag names for each.  I hope to come up with some new categories soon… watch for the announcement when it happens.  (Not in the audio.)

Direction of this Blog:

The biggest change is I intend to do more audio podcasts than I have been lately.  I have found that I can get more information out by doing audio than I can by posting.  However, both forms will be stand alone, except the audio will require looking at the pictures.  However, the audio will provide a little more information.

This blog is starting to focus more on science and principles toward design.  I had intended to talk about the hands-on things, but that does not seem to be the best fit for me and the audience.  However, I will keep it zeroed in on practical science and mathematics; not the “golly-gee-whiz” science with lots of sizzle but little true meat and technique to use it.

While I probably will talk little about the “how-to” on skills, I do intend on linking good articles and sites and sharing good videos on the you-tube channel.

The focus of this blog is on developing understanding of principles.

And finally A REQUEST:
I am requesting that you send me an e-mail at garyfox@create-and-make.com telling me a little about you and what you would like to get out of this site.  I especially want to know if there are people that feel like they need some help on remembering basic algebra to know how to manipulate equations, because I see no way out of it in the future, but to present some things that require mathematics.

Again as always, thank you for your time.



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