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Episode 53 – A new design project.

A friend on facebook came up with this picture and said he would like one of these. It turns out this is a good chance to talk about designing something.

In the audio I talk about the steps necessary to try to copy/modify this hammock-boat.  I doubt that I would ever build one of these, but it is a good opportunity to consider a design and design concepts.

The audio was created before I looked closely at the picture and started doing some web searching. I have since found a hammock that looks exactly like this one at Lowes,  Lowes Hammock.  I have also noticed the pontoons are PVC pipe and the extension to hold the sunscreen are bamboo, but have yet to do the calculations to determine the buoyancy lift by those.  This actually looks like a fairly easy project.  (famous last words!)

In the audio I talk about Archimedes principle and in a future post we shall do the calculations to determine how much lift we can expect from the PVC pipe.   We will also be using some of the statics principles talked about in Episode 25 -Introduction to Statics and forces on a beam. and Episode 27 – Statics Part II – Moments.

We may still consider beer coolers to serve the dual function of pontoons.  🙂


The picture came from Neatorama

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