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Episode 49 – Some more about heat radiation

In this episode I talk about a lot of general things and  specifically about heat radiation.

I kind of went all over the road in this episode and started with a rant and funny story about the divisions happening among people here in the US and actually the rest of the world.

I did get back on track with a little more detail related to recent episodes and talked quite a bit about heat radiation and selective absorption and emission of radiant energy for different materials.   This is important to help understand the greenhouse effect related to solar heat collection, greenhouses, and the current political debate over greenhouse gasses.

Some interesting science related facts were also presented including the analysis of materials using spectrometry and the use of the Doppler effect to determine the speed of objects.

I ended the episode with another rant about people that over-use acronyms and in general “talk over” people’s heads.

Some sites mentioned.

The Survival Podcast

Steve Harris’s site about all kinds of energy.

I edited out much of the conversation for this show because I got long winded and boring… However, I did talk a little about Mother Nature and some of what we are doing to the earth.   However, I will still add this song that was talked about in the part that was cut.



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