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Episode 46 – Energy – The Basics

In this episode I talk about the definitions of energy, work, an power.  This episode was created because I found that I needed to lay a foundation before I talked about insulation and the conservation of energy.
We often use the words power and energy interchangeably and that is incorrect.  Energy is the ability to do work and work is often stored energy.  Power is how fast work is being done.

Often we say statements like: “I need more power.” when maybe all we really need is more patience!  Seriously, before we continue on to talk about energy conservation and specifically insulation, we needed to go back and discuss what energy really is.

Work is defined here as Force X Distance and Energy is defined as the ability to do work.  No energy is used until work is done.  (It may be wasted, but I have not got into that yet in this episode.)

Potential Energy is energy available to do work but is currently at rest.  A weight hanging on the end of a rope is the example of potential energy.  Chemical energy stored in wood, or a battery is also an example.  Energy currently being made available is kinetic energy.

Energy has many forms and can be converted from one form to another.  Examples of energy are electric, chemical, thermal, mechanical, light, etc.

In future episodes I will be talking about the laws of thermodynamics and that also means I will have to address some of the “free energy” claims and the criticism by some of those people that all of us engineer types have been brainwashed with the big lie.

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Gary Fox



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