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Episode 44: Programming to learn logical thinking.

In this episode I discuss an easy and inexpensive way to learn programming.  Python is my language of choice for this because it is Open Source Software that is freely distributed and has excellent documentation to walk  you through programming.  It is also very powerful software and it works on Linux, Windows, and Mac’s.

Programming is an excellent way to learn the logical steps in working through a project and troubleshooting.  Once you get past the basics of learning the language, programming becomes a set of steps of “divide and conquer” the problem at bite-sized elements.  This lets you write and test sections of code and work toward a major task.  Machines and even buildings are similarly divided into a series of functions that are followed step-by-step until the whole project is completed.

This is the link to the main python website.

From that site  you can find the program documentation as well as a whole page just dedicated to python beginners and videos to help you out.




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