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Episode 42 – An Angle Mistake

I worked on a home project and I goofed up.   Oh well, my goof-up is an opportunity for you to learn.  I guess this is an excellent case of do as I say not as I do.    Seriously, this is not going to be a big problem for me, but at other places it could have been a major problem.  As stated in the audio I am adding a trellis on my backyard fence for some grape vines I planted.  Each support goes up from the ground about 5 to 5 1/2 feet and then makes a turn and goes at about 30 degrees from the horizontal.

I did a lot of planning on building these supports and they all look the same because I built a fixture to hold them correctly when I welded them together.  Each of the angle parts are about four foot long.   The thing I forgot to think about is the one in the corner of the fence will be at a 45 deg angle to the others.   That means the wires along the top of this will not be parallel as they go toward the corner.   The picture below shows a top view and shows my mistake.  I knew better, but I just didn’t think it all out.   OOOOOPS.

If you draw it all out and do the math the corner support reflects about 0.707 of the length it should to each of the sides because it is at a 45 deg. angle.   (Sin(45 deg) = Cos(45 deg) = 0.707).    I should have made that one support about 1.414 X 4 ft. I would have also made it at a smaller rise angle since it was longer.   I just did not think.

Do as I say…. not as I did!  🙂

Originally this site was not to be dedicated to just construction but many kinds of things to create and make.   I have a facebook friend that creates music, so I would like to highlight her music from her YouTube Channel (Clicky’s YouTube Channel)




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