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Episode 4 – Thinking Creatively – Zoom-In Zoom-Out

In this episode I talk about different ways to think about problems and projects.

The first concept is to zoom-out and look at the purpose and the project from a distance. Later as you work through details you will need to zoom back in for the close-up view. The zoom out often asks the question on why are you doing this project and what are you really wanting to accomplish.  This may lead to a completely better way of accomplishing the task.  The zoom-in part allows you to see problems while you can still do something about them.

The second concept is what I call freewheeling.  When faced with what seem to be insurmountable problems, simply forget them for a while and do something where you can “freewheel” and often somehow, someway the answers come. They just seem to appear out of the air.

I end the episode with a little rant about some of the reasons I create and make. In addition to learning skills I am developing freedom from being part of a “captured” market. I have more freedom on where and how to spend my money and my time.


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