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Episode 32 – Voting with your dollars.

In this post I talk about how we all vote each and every day.  We vote by how we spend our money and how we conserve the resources around us.  We vote every time we buy and throw away things.  We vote when we consume, especially when we consume needlessly.  In the past people made things for themselves and maintained and repaired what they had.  Cheap plentiful energy has changed that for everyone.
I mostly talk about a concerned friend that posted a video on my facebook page and the bad answer I had to give her.  It was not that I disagreed, but that protesting things are not going to do any good as long as people demand more and more.   The only way I know to break that cycle is learning to do more for yourself.  One of the main reasons this site was started.

The rant starts out slow, but kicks into high gear by the time I near the end of it

A picture of my 3 yr old Granddaughter putting the lug nuts on a tire I had changed.  Although she doesn’t really think about what she is learning, she learned about the simple machine the screw, and the lever.  She experienced those forces as well as learning Grandpapa does some fun stuff with her.




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