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Episode 29 – Clamps

In this episode I discuss several types of clamps and where they are very useful.  In my case I normally have to work by myself so It would be impossible for me to be able to do anything without clamps.

Spring Tension Clamps

The clamps in  this picture all depend upon springs to clamp things and if things only need to be lightly held these work fine.  Pictured are binding clips, a clothes line clip, long-nosed pliers with a rubber band. and some spring-type large plastic clamps.  Note the Irwin brand (blue one) has much more spring tension, than the cheaper black one.


Several sizes of C-Camps


C-clamps are probably the most often thought of clamps. These are great to use when a large amount of force is needed or if being used around heat, for example to clamp things while welding. However, these become a little bit of a time consuming hassel if needing to move the clamps often.


Several types of Vise-Grip Pliers


This picture shows several types and sizes of Vise-Grip (Locking) pliers. The one with the long flat nose is used to bend sheet metal. The one with the clamp nose is used to reach around and clamp things, for example holding angle iron together while welding.


The quick-grip camps


These quick grip clamps are my favorite while working on wood projects and are used continously. Squeezing the pistol grip causes the clamps to squeeze tighter, Squeezing the trigger device releases the clamps.



The hemostat is probably one of the most useful tools when working with small parts such as electronics. It can also be clamped on a wire to a semiconductor device to act as a neat sink to prevent damage from the heat of soldering wires.


Using several clamps together to position a wire


This is an example of how several clamps can be used together to position a wire for ease of working on it.





I did a quick search f the net for the Irwin Quick Grip Clamps — the cheapest I could find was at Home Depot for $24.97 for an 8 clamp set. This is the one I purchased several years ago.


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