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Episode 25 – Introduction to Statics and Forces on a Beam

This episode baby-steps into understanding how to solve problems  to determine the forces on structural members. A completely graphical method is used to solve this problem by drawing right triangles and measuring the line lengths.  A simple experiment is shown to roughly test the results.  I show how I did the experiment, but I recommend that you try a similar experiment doing it your way so you can get a feel for what is happens and that the calculations are a good model of reality.

I recommend you download the notes in the following pdf before listening to the audio.  The notes are in a pdf because the drawings are too large to effectively show on this web page.  The only way to learn what is being taught is to create a similar problem on your own and draw it to scale like I did.  In that way you can “make it your own”.

Pdf notes for this Episode

A pdf showing my way of doing the experiment.


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