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Episode 18 – My Breakfast

I have decided to switch modes today and I am going to talk a little about cooking.   I am no chief but I have come up with a breakfast I really like…. so does my dog… :).  Seriously, this is fairly quick to make, sticks to your ribs and is probably really pretty good for you.

High quality eggs that are Omega 3 enriched.

I start out using 2 eggs that are Omega 3 enriched.   Our diet should have much less Omega 6 and more Omega 3 fats. Omega 3 enriched eggs is one way to help that balance.  The hens have been fed flax seed instead of normal grains.



The other ingredients are a sweet onion, some pepper, and optionally some cheese.  Normally the pepper is bell pepper, but I had these sweet peppers available, and it adds some different flavor and colors.



Diced peppers and onion.

The onions and peppers are diced. Nothing is ever measured, so the fork is in the picture to give you an idea of how much onion and pepper are used.  I used more pepper this time than normally, but you really can’t screw this thing up.   Note, I prefer to use my big ole pocket knife to do the cutting, the blade seems to be sharper and it is stronger than most kitchen knifes.


The eggs with cheese.

The eggs are put into the skillet with a small amount of olive oil and immediately scrambled. Some cheese is sprinkled on top. The other ingredients are then put into the skillet and continuously stirred.

Ready to eat.





The eggs and vegetables are continually stirred over a medium heat until the eggs are done. It then is moved to a plate and ready to eat. It takes a relatively short time to cook and makes a delicious filling meal that will hang with you most of the day.




The video that got me started cooking was this one from Venezuela.



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