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Episode 16 — My latest project.

I have completed my latest project; A small some-what portable seed-starting green house.
Because it is still cold and wet I have yet to paint it so it does not look that good. I will put some plants I have already started inside it this coming weekend.

Small green house and solar experiment.




The greenhouse is a lot bigger than necessary so I can put a bunch of 1 gallon milk jugs in the bottom 1/2 of it to act as a “thermal flywheel”  Many of the jugs have been painted flat black to also act like solar absorbers.


My next project will probably be the one of the self-watering rain trough container gardens as shown in this video by the inventor, Larry Hall. Eventually I will mount some of the same around my back porch deck to clean up the looks of the deck as well as provide a convenient place to get fresh picked food.

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