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Episode 14 – Measuring Plumb

This episode describes what “plumb” means and how to measure it.

This is the next to last of the series of measurements and is actually one of the most simple things to measure.

A post or wall or door frame is plumb if it is perpendicular to a level surface.  Two devices are described to measure or determine if a post or door frame is plumb.  The first is our old friend the spirit level introduced in episode 9.   The 2nd one is mostly used to locate a point directly above or below another point is is called a plumb bob and is probably one of the simplest tools ever developed.

Pictures related to using these devices are shown below.

A level measuring a surface for being level

Note in the picture above the two spirit vials on the ends of the tool.  These will be used to measure if a vertical surface is plumb.

The top vial in this picture is checking the door frame for being plumb

Please note… the door frame in the previous picture is plumb…. the camera angle is not.

Checking the door jam for plumb. This is 90 deg from the previous picture.

Again in this picture the camera is not positioned correctly, but if you notice the bubble of the vial, the door jam is perfectly plumb.  The bubble is centered between the lines.

A plumb bob weight

This is the weight attached to a string.    The main purpose for a plumb bob is to locate a point directly above or below another point.







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