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Episode 13 – Break is over

I this episode I am talking about some some decisions I have made about the future of this blog/podcast.

I had a couple of problems with where I was directing these posts.

  1. The posts were all about skill building, but pretty much only in one area, construction.
  2. The posts were not heading toward involving others.  One of my goals is to build community and this was all from me toward you.
  3. The kind of detailed posts I was doing involve more time than what I currently have to do.

After talking to some friends on facebook, I have decided to “open this up” more.  I have several friends that have interesting hobbies and interests.  I am going to create some posts dedicated to them.   This will get some other subjects besides what I present and will be less time intensive posts.  It also gives my friends the publicity they deserve.  (Win-Win… exactly how the world should work!)

Some other changes… I have set up a twitter account.  I doubt if I do much on that except updates on when items are posted, but I have been pleasantly surprised about how much I use faceboolk.

I have also set up a youtube channel,  probably once a week I will post some youtube videos by others that are very interesting and related to the goal of this site.  Sometime way out there in the future, I will maybe produce a video or two.   (More software to learn, so that will be awhile.)

I will keep at least two podcasts per week, because I can say it much easier than I can type it.   However, when it is detailed subjects that need to be visualized I will include a pdf file that can be downloaded.

The final big change is I am starting a resource page that will be links to sites that I have found very helpful information and possibly some free e-books out there on the net.

Finally, I want to think several facebook friends for their support and time they spent being “cheerleader” for me.   Thanks Nour, Tracy, Melinda, and Flying Stranger.



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