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Episode 047 – Heat ,Thermodynamics, and Insulation.

This episode is primarily dedicated to heat and heat transfer.  Building upon the previous episode the concept of heat and temperature are discussed some more.  Using a water analogy, heat is similar to the volume of water in a tank and temperature is similar to the height of the top of the water in that tank.   Temperature is the potential to move the heat energy to something of lower temperature.

The three ways heat is transferred from one object to another is by:

  • Conduction – the flow of heat through a material.
  • Radiation – the flow of heat by waves from one object to another.
  • Convection – the circulation and movement of a gas or liquid to move heat particles toward a cold area.

This touched upon insulation to prevent the conduction or loss of heat from one place to another.  However, we ran out of time to explore the subject completely and will have to complete this on the next episode.

The first 14 minutes of this episode is a discussion of some bad web behavior and especially about some devices being sold on the internet as “free energy”.  I may have a complete episode sometime in the future about some of these devices.

Please note the Repurpose Contest has been removed from the menu items on the header of this site, but a new item has been added called Subscriber’s Resources.  Currently, I have two very good pdf files there about wood construction.  The pdf’s are public domain and can be found elsewhere on the web, but the price is right… FREE if you subscribe to the e-mail subscription.  You will be sent an e-mail with the password to get to that page and you may unsubscribe at anytime.

If you do find this site enjoyable and informative, please inform your like-minded friends about us.

Gary Fox



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