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Episode 011: Using skills to solve problems.

John Henry told his captain
Lord a man ain't nothing but a man
But before I'd let your steam drill beat me down
I'd die with a hammer in my hand

In this episode I will tell a story about how I used some
of the skills we have already talked about and a few others
to fabricate a tool to complete an automobile maintenance procedure
I had started but was having troble completing.

When it comes to fighting a machine the words of the song
"John Henry" often come to mind, because at that point it is
me vs. the machine... and I have no intention of an inanimate
object beating me. The story is pretty well told in the audio so
there is no reason for me to add any notes other than the pictures.

As stated in the audio the purpose of showing this is to show
how growing more skills and using imagination can often get you
out of problems even if those are problems you created for yourself.
a cgoged (timing) belt sprocket

A sprocket turned by the timing belt.'

This picture is being added to show what the sprockets look like because it was a little hard to describe in the audio file.  This particular device is the water pump that is also turned by the timing belt and was replaced at the same time.

The working end of the homemade special tool

The working end of the homemade special tool

This picture shows the welds done to weld the reducing bushing to the bar to become the handle and the build-up of material to make the hexagon fit inside the crankshaft pulley.  The final hexagon shape was not exact, but it was “good enough” to hold the part without slipping or causing damage.

The tool being used

This shows the tool after all of the modifications.

This picture shows the tool actually being used to loosen the bolt.  The large screw at the bottom of the picture pulls the socket “breaker bar” closer to the new tool and can apply a large amount of force to overcome the friction of the crankshaft pulley bolt on the crankshaft pulley.

I want to thankfully acknowledge traditionalmusic.co.uk for providing the lyrics to the song John Henry.



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