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Epi-050 — Back Again

Picture by Oberazzi on Flickr

Back from my “walk-about” and ready to hit it a lick again.   I got many things accomplished while I took the break from making content for a week.  The most major accomplishment was I now have my computer operating system completely updated with one that will be easy to maintain a keep up-to-date.  No more being a “fat-dumb-and-happy” computer user that has to face major hurdles to remain current.
About a month ago I got Google Analytics up monitoring this site and learned much from the data.   There is two ways to use data, the dumb way and the smart way.   The smart way is to use the data to form conclusions and then act upon those conclusions by making modifications designed to improve things.  The second way is to make your conclusions and then find data to support your conclusions.  We get way too much of the 2nd type from our politicians and the media pundits.  But here,  we are talking about making things so our conclusions have to be based upon facts or our house will come tumbling down.

The facts are that I have a very very high “bounce rate” from first time visitors coming to this site.  There could be lots of reasons for that, but I think the main reason was I had minimal text and pictures in most posts, because I depended upon audio.  The audio on many posts was boring because I was trying to explain technical things that really needed a picture.   On the posts where I did it correctly, the bounce rate was much lower.  So no matter how many visitors I attract if I can’t keep them long enough to really try out the site, I have problems.    Posts will now mostly be text leads and audio if there is any will be following.

There are other changes in the works, but I will announce those as I do them.  Anyhow, I am back again…. fat, dumb and happier.

The picture of the question cuff links was by user Oberazzi on Flicker and can be found here:


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