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Converting from English to Metric and a use for Layers in LibreCAD

I drew a CAD drawing of a popsicle stick using the English Units and wanted to also create one in metric units. I was curious if LibreCAD would automatically calculate the correct values in the dimensions when I did that. It doesn’t. However, it was worthwhile to create a video to show how I test assumptions and learn software. Although I knew other CAD programs, I am self-taught in LibreCAD and this shows how I have accomplished that. Just try it and find out.

The 2nd part of the video shows a way to use LibreCAD to phase in different parts of a diagram. This is useful when you want to talk about some of the diagram without the confusing clutter if everything is turned on at the same time.


Both of the drawings shown in the video will be used on the next post.

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