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Circles and Cycles

Sine and Cosine.

Sine and Cosine.

I created a video over the weekend showing the relationship of a sine wave to a cosine wave. The cosine wave is shifted 90 degrees from a sine wave. (Think Capacitors and Inductors!!! Deja Vu all over again!!!)

First, I create the two waveforms using the unit circle method and CAD.   Then I use a mechanical and a biological system examples.

Of course if you have been following this blog you will immediately know that I could have used an electrical example of inductors and capacitors.  Very soon we will get to a parallel connection of an inductor and a capacitor and start generating sine waves with them.   It is the heart of radio transmission circuits.  However, this week I have decided to take a break from the theory and get back to having fun with what we have learned.

Anyhow… for your viewing pleasure:


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