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Update: — E-mail subscription is now available.

I now have a way for you to subscribe to this blog using e-mail. E-mails will be sent to the e-mail address you register with every post and each post will include a short except. The e-mails do include a way to unsubscribe.

I have a little more work to do with this, including some

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I missed getting one out today.

I apologize, but I was not able to finish the post I had intended for today. Too many family commitments. I will be working hard to get it done tomorrow.



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Always something to learn.

I have been working hard at producing content. However, just like building a building, if the foundation is not built strong, square and true, it is very tough to keep building up on top of it.

I just recently discovered I have had some settings wrong, and I think I know how I have been

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A temporary change

I am temporarily disabling comments on posts. It seems as if I have become the target of some kind of spamming robot for people attempting to build SEO. I guess I will have to spend time this weekend finding out about crap instead of moving ahead. 🙁


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Episode 13 – Break is over

I this episode I am talking about some some decisions I have made about the future of this blog/podcast.

I had a couple of problems with where I was directing these posts.

The posts were all about skill building, but pretty much only in one area, construction. The posts were not heading toward involving others.

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Taking a break.

I have decided to take time off for about a week. The first goal on building a blog or website is to have content, content, content. The purpose of lots of content that is constantly changing is once a person finds your site and find that they like it, they will come back for the

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This is just a short post today, No audio… just a post. On the facebook page which is a lot looser than this website, I shared a picture of what success is… the path from nothing to success. It is not pretty… lots of side paths.

When you plant seeds or if seeds plant themselves

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Status as of Feb 3.

Since this blog/website is itself an example of Creating and Making something, it is probably worth a post to explain what I am doing. So far I have managed to get this site up and running. (This is my first dedicated domain site.) I have managed to get a post with an audio file. Unfortunately,

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