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Building Skills to work through problems – My E-mail Problem.

I decided to post this one as an audio podcast.   The story is long and detailed to tell all of it, but it is still superficial in a way because I did not talk about the details of the programs.  In other words this is mostly an overview.  My main reason for sharing it is to show how learning new skills is very useful and sometimes useful in ways you had not planned upon.

As I state in the audio I learned SQL just to learn about databases.  However, it has become useful in several situations. (SQL means, Structured Query Language, pronounced by most people as Squeal. But since I am self-taught, I am not cool,  I just use the letters.)   I learned Python also just out of general curiosity and obviously, it has become very very useful on the posts I have done on this site.

The e-mail problem kind of came out of the blue at me.   I would have been sunk if I had not been able to figure out a work-around.   The skills became very useful.

It has been a while since I have done this in podcast mode so I will provide some instructions.   You can either listen to the audio by pressing play arrow on the player, or if you prefer you can right click on the download near the player and then save the mp3 file to listen to it at your leisure in background or even download the file on an mp3

Previous mentions of Python are these posts:
Episode 44:  Programming to learn logical thinking.
Episode 45:  More about programming and Python
This is a link to the Main Python Website

MySQL website:

I will not go into the details of what I did unless I get specific requests.  It is somewhat detailed and boring.
By the way… it is not done yet… I just realized I have not planned on all the “what if’s”… for example what if I loose power or my computer hangs up partway through the list.   More Work!


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