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Analyzing the Frequency Spectrum of our Distortion Circuits.

The Output Wave Shape of the Diodes in the feedback Circuit.

The Output Wave Shape of the Diodes in the feedback Circuit.

Now that we have a way of calculating the frequency spectrum of the output from Qucs we can look at the harmonics created by our distortion circuits. The one I was most interested in was the output of the one created by diodes in the feedback circuit. However, I found some surprising results in the clipping of waves with the overdrive circuits. Even harmonics were present as well as odd harmonics.

The second goal of this exercise was to see if there are some conclusions or “rules of thumb” that could be developed from looking at the waveforms in the time domain.   A couple of rules were developed and these will be used in the next post where I “zoom out” and talk about several other uses of harmonic analysis.

There is not a lot more to add in this post that is not covered in the video.   However, if you have just joined this site, I recommend looking at the previous posts.   Those posts have a lot of links that build up to the theory at the point where we are now.

The video associated with this post is embedded below.

As always I hope you find this post and video useful and informative.


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