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An Op-Amp Datasheet part 2 – AC Values.

Non-Inverting Op-amp Amplifier

Non-Inverting Op-amp Amplifier

Several months ago I introduced op-amps to readers of this site with   “The Non-Inverting Op-Amp Amplifier“. At that time we had only talked about D.C. Electricity. We started with an “ideal Op-Amp” and then I brought us back to reality and created a video about an op-amp datasheet.  Since that time we have learned a whole big bunch about AC, Capacitors, Inductors, and Frequency Response.   Finally I am ready to do the 2nd half of the Op-Amp datasheet. – The AC and Frequency Response part.

If you are just starting to read this site, the Category “Electricity”  should provide all of the posts about Electricity provide all the background you need to follow along with this video.

The datasheet used in the video can be downloaded here: MC4558 data-sheet.  




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