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An apology for slacking off – The Magic of Compound B.S.

The Magic of Compound B.S.

The Magic of Compound B.S.

I do want to take a moment to apologize for slacking off on the number of posts I have been getting out. I have been a little side-tracked lately with the crap coming out of our government. I have been disturbed for a lot of years, but lately it has become a crescendo of stupidity. Most recently the attempt to get us into a war in Syria and lately the barricading of our veterans memorials as well as lot of other stupid closings.

I promised myself when I started this blog I would not go off into the political things.  There are many already doing that and they have much greater resources and time to research than I.   However, I am going to make one statement here and in an off-hand way it is related to math and science.

There are those that state the current occupant of the White House is the worse one yet.  They are in a way correct but in another way not.  Yes he has probably done more than the previous ones, but he had more to build upon.

When someone looks into investing, even if it is just a 401K program they get the talk called “The Magic of Compound Interest” and shown a graph similar to the one pasted here.   Interest builds upon the money you have in an account and if some of that money is from interest on previous money you have interest on interest and it compounds.   It is a simple exponential formula:   Y=eKX were Y is the total amount and X is the years and K is some multiplier.

What we have going on in government is exactly the same thing.   They have got by with lots and lots of breaches to the constitution, international laws, and even God-given rights.  Both Republicans and Democrats have done that.  Finally people are starting to wake up.  Not enough yet, but they are starting to see past it.

I have recently been involved with a No War in Syria protest and stood on two overpasses this weekend holding signs asking for Obama’s Impeachment.   If there had been others locally I would have done the same for Bush and Clinton so it is no party thing… it is a timing thing.   The actions of the American People this weekend has finally made me proud of this country.  I was glued to the computer this last weekend keeping up with the truckers and vets in Washington DC…. so I was low on time before, now I am negative.

But is is all good…. hope you understand.

Again… I hope to pick up the pace soon.

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