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An actual OP-Amp Data-sheet.

STmicroelectronics MC4558 Op-Amp Schematic

It is time to start “getting real” in our talk about OP-Amps. So far we have talked about ideal OP-Amps with infinite input resistance, infinite gain, zero output resistance.  Often, as with the multimeter that is “good enough”, but often those assumptions can fall short.

Tonight’s post is about an actual op-amp and the data sheet for it. Very soon we will create some example circuits where ideal assumptions are “good enough” and some where we will get into trouble.  Tonight is just a talk about the things to be aware of and it made sense to do it in video form to show the actual data-sheet as I talked.  The MC4558 data-sheet I used in the video can be downloaded on my site by clicking the link above.  I suggest you download from my site so you will be looking at the same sheet as used in the video.  You can also search for it on the web or by going to the Jameco Electronics web site.

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