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Hello and welcome to this site.   My name is Gary Fox and I have been interested in “making things” my whole life.  I am an engineer, but engineering is not what this site is about.  This site is mostly about dreaming… dreaming of the things you want to create and actually creating them.

I am an older man that is quickly nearing retirement age and I have seen engineering become something that once was creative and problem solving to much more of an office job simply inputting data into databases so computer programs can run models and churn out answers.  I really miss the more hands-on type of engineering and working with craftsmen.  That is one of the reasons I created this site.

The name of the site was chosen because it will be about two things.  First, the create part, the brain part, dreaming and thinking up solutions or creations.  Second, the make part, actually turning those dreams, creations, & solutions into reality.   I chose make instead of build because make seems to be more inclusive.   (That could be an endless rambling… maybe I will do that someday.)

I will talk a lot about the motivation to create, solving problems, and developing skills.  I will talk some about tools, but the emphasis will always be on the simple tools and simple methods to get the job done.   Expensive tools often speed up work, but often that comes at  the expense of really really learning your craft.  Techniques will always have a higher emphasis than tools.

Finally, there will be some discussions on theory.  I promise to keep the “nerd” in me at bay and make this understandable.  Even if I have to talk a little about math, I promise it will just be the useful stuff and I will  “cut to the chase” as quickly as possible.  I will also talk about software useful in design.  Although I often get tired of software, it is obvious I know to use it.  (For example… creating this site.)

I am changing my format, most of the presentations will be written, but if it makes sense to do a video I will post a video.  If it makes sense to do a podcast I will do it in that form also.

You will quickly notice on the podcasts I have a sense of humor, although some would say I look at the world a little askew… but then, a new way of looking at old things is always good for us all.





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