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A Right Triangle and an Introduction to Trigonometry

Basic Trig Formulas

Basic Trig Formulas

I have just created another video about some basic math. This one is about what is probably the most useful branch of mathematics for practical work, trigonometry.   I am not going to bore you here with a repeat of what is in the video, but what I will do here is provide a whole bunch of links that will be very helpful to you.

First, I created a pdf with all the information summarized.  If you have trouble remembering the formulas, it is all there.
A Right Triangle Summary    That is associated with my earlier post on the same subject:  Episode 36 – A Right Triangle and Trigonomety

I have also created a spreadsheet that will do all the work for you. It can be found at:  Basic Trig. Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet is in excel format.  If you do not have access to spreadsheet software, it works fine in LibreCalc and I highly recommend this free and open source software.  it is actually what I use and used to write the spreadsheet.   You can find the download and information for LibreOffice at their website:  LibreOffice Home Page. 

I have also created several posts showing how useful this mathematics is.  Two examples are:

The Impedance and Power Triangles    &   Introduction to Statics and Forces on a Beam. Those last two posts were early in this website’s development and when I was still trying to do this with voice only podcasts.   The kind of work I do here requires visual so I no-longer do podcasts except if rare cases.

The most recent video is here:


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