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A Request and an Open Invitation to guide this site.

Posts will be coming out very slow for awhile.   There are several reasons for that.  I have just been assigned some work at my daily employment that is in an area I am not as familiar with as I want to be.  It is time for me to do some digging into some software so my head will just not be into this for about a month.   I do not want to half-step articles … it is just not my style… so am going to take a break for awhile.

The second big reason is my philosophy of “zoom-in zoom out“.  We have really dug into the details of several subjects related to electrical theory and op-amps and went through the total design of the thermistor circuit.   It is now time for me to take a break and survey what I have done and if necessary start aiming this big ship in other directions.   One of the concerns I have is that I have went too deep in the design area and especially electrical design.  The purpose of this site is to also make things.

Meanwhile, there are a few things I need to finish up.  I will test the popsicle stick crane to destruction.   That is pretty much ready to do as soon as I clean up the garage enough to film it.   The second thing that is in the works is the final construction of the enclosure for the power-supply.  That would have probably been completed today had someone not left his camera out in the rain. The third one is figuring out how I will collect data from the Arduino from the thermistor board.   The final goal of the whole thermistor board project is to do some solar energy projects and the Arduino will probably be located a good distance away from the computer actually recording the data.  As I get each of those completed I will create a post.

The third big reason for the break is it is spring time and I have whole big bunches for house maintenance to do including just plain cleaning up.   That also includes cleaning up this site some.  I need to add resources to both the open resource page as well as the subscribers page.  I also need to add a lot more definitions to the glossary page.  And finally, I think it would be very helpful and interesting to you, the readers, if I add a blog roll of other related interesting blogs.

The final thing I want to spend some time on is: “Where do we go next?”   Please add your comments either in the comments to this post, or in an e-mail to me.  Where would you like for me to take this site?

As I said, I do have some simple solar projects in mind.   I also want to do some more work bending metal for the enclosures.  In a lot of ways I lucked out that it fit as well as it did.  Another possible direction is some theory and work using motors and solenoids for some electromechanical control.   There are many directions and your suggestions are not only welcomed but encouraged.

Tonight I am creating a new page.  It will be called STATUS and it will be a listing of changes and improvements done to this site as well as a list of future projects.

In advance, thank you.




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