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A Plastic Barrel Pontoon Raft – Part 1

This post and video is the first of three describing a raft or platform supported by plastic barrel pontoons.  This is the enjoyable part of the process;  thinking of the idea and doing the rough calculations.  The harder part will be the next video, do some more precise calculations.  This is being done because I earlier made a video about a pontoon boat based on PVC pipe.   PVC pipe is fairly expensive once you get to a size that can support much weight.   Plastic barrels can be purchased fairly cheaply and it takes a lot less of them to keep a large weight floating.

The question we will need to determine is how much weight can we expect to support and how deep will the barrels go into the water to support that weight.   We only do the easy calculations in this post.   The harder ones will be the next post.  BUT!!!  It is an opportunity to use our trigonometry skills we just learned!

The three websites I used in my video are:

Should you decide you would also like to look at the spreadsheet in detail you can download an version of it in Excel format here:  floatation_1.xls 

The YouTube Video to go along with this post is below.


As always I hope you enjoy and get something out of this.


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