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A Request and an Open Invitation to guide this site.

Posts will be coming out very slow for awhile. There are several reasons for that. I have just been assigned some work at my daily employment that is in an area I am not as familiar with as I want to be. It is time for me to do some digging into some software so

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The Op-Amp Differentiator.

The Basic Op-Amp Differentiator.

A common insult is the term “get real”. The way we have been learning all of these electronic circuits is to start with the ideal and then add one by one the real life problems of real components. Real life is going to smack us in the head very quickly

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The op-amp integrator.

An Op-Amp Integrator

Now that we know about how capacitors perform and we have learned about the calculus operation called integration, we are finally able to go back to the basic op-amp circuits and talk about the one of the two remaining circuits. It has not been all that long ago that microprocessors where

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Good ole boy Calculus

Our Car with no air friction

Sometimes I get stuck. I have turned this blog into somewhere between a technician type of discussion and full-blown engineering. Many very good technicians I know are very good a fundamental understanding and have almost a magical sense of understanding a problem. Those same guys give you a

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Piddling with the PID controller

A complete PID controller.

In this post I complete all the functions of a PID controller by adding the D to the PI controller in the previous post. If you have not followed all of the posts related to modeling the car and the cruise control, you will be lost at this point and

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Putting the memory from our right foot into the controller.

Adding a Memory Component to our Cruse Control

In the post “Controlling the speed of our Rocket car – Proportional Control“, we had a very hard time ever getting the car up to speed. At the very end of the post I explained why. With proportional only control if the speed of the car

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