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Post 55A – Building Foundations – The Footer.

When a house or other small building is built the first thing that must be built is the foundation and the first part of the foundation is the footer. This is the very bottom part of the building and is the part of the structure everything else rests upon.

There are several critical things about

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Episode 55 – Assumptions

$100 invested over time at various interest rates

In this podcast I discuss assumptions and how they are often hidden and can often mess up your day and your design. Assumptions are everywhere and usually they are not mentioned. The worse case of the problem is if these are hidden in a software algorithm

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Post 54A – Buoyancy of PVC pipe – Revisited.

Pipe less than 1/2 immersed

Sometimes I get so intent on figuring out a problem, I do a lot more than is necessary. In Post 53A, I showed a graphical method of calculating the buoyancy of PVC pipe and tried with a 3″ pipe. I found it would not get the job done. This

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Episode 54 – Scaling


Increasing or decreasing the size of of a design is not as simple as multiplying all the dimensions by a scale factor. It often requires a complete redesign of everything.

The obvious problems are that some things are not scalable. For example, the device will be subjected to the same wind, rain, snow, and temperature

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Post 53D – Blocks, Borders, and More Printing in LibreCAD

Blocks are a very useful feature of CAD, because these allow you to use the same components again and again without having to redraw each and every time. In this tutorial, I show the basic way to make a block and explode a block if necessary. We also copy a block from one drawing to

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Post 53C – Printing the Drawing with LibreCAD

The final step of producing a drawing is getting it off the computer screen and into the hands of the craftsman or hopefully into your own hands to use in your workshop.

In this tutorial I go through the relatively simple steps of printing the drawing. The only “gotcha” you have to be aware of

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Post 53B – LibreOffice

Those of you that have followed this site very long will know I am a big fan of open source software. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost is the programs are free, meaning that everyone can have access to very powerful software. Because it is a group effort

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