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Episode 22 – Nominal and Plumb-bob revisited


Several things are discussed in this episode. First, I discuss the many ways you can connect with me and this site.

via E-mail — there is a menu item on the home page of this site named “Contact me” and that provides the e-mail address which is garyfox@create-and-make.com

On the main page there are

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Episode 21 — The four r’s of materials.

In this episode I talk about the four R’s of materials and products at the end of their “life cycle”. The four R’s are: Recycle, Renew, Reuse, and Repurpose.. Recycling is touted by many as the do-all end all and I talk in detail about what really goes into the recycling of a simple product,

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Episode 20 – Nominal Sizes

An end view of a 2X4.

Nominal sizes are sizes that mean something other than the obvious.

For example a 1 1/2 inch pipe has no dimension that is 1 1/2 inches, but a 1 1/2 inch pipe is always the same size. Similarly, there is no dimension on a 2X6 inch piece of lumber that is either 2 inches or

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Episode 19 – Fundamentals of Bracing


In this episode I will show why diagonal braces work and when flexible (i.e. ropes or cables) can be used and when rigid braces work better. These pictures go along with the audio file.

A rectangle without bracing being pushed.

In this picture I use 5 Popsicle sticks connected with push-pins to show the

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Episode 18 – My Breakfast

Ready to eat.

I have decided to switch modes today and I am going to talk a little about cooking. I am no chief but I have come up with a breakfast I really like…. so does my dog… :). Seriously, this is fairly quick to make, sticks to your ribs and is probably really pretty good for

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Episode 17 – Triangle & Complementary Angles

Fixture used to mark the complementary angle.  The framing square forms the right angle of the right triangle.

A right triangle (90 degree corner) and the two complementary angles

In this post I talk about a right triangle and complementary angles. I also show how this knowledge can be used to make a fixture to solve a real life problem. No measurements are used, just angles are copied.

The first picture shows

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Episode 16 — My latest project.

Small green house and solar experiment.

I have completed my latest project; A small some-what portable seed-starting green house. Because it is still cold and wet I have yet to paint it so it does not look that good. I will put some plants I have already started inside it this coming weekend.

Small green house and solar experiment.


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Episode 15 – Latvian Housewife In America

before after

Alice Koko


This Episode is dedicate to a blog a friend of mine has created. The blog is called A Latvian Housewife in America. Alice is one amazing woman as you can see in her blog. She has posts on. Cooking & Canning, Many of the recipes are family traditions that she got

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Episode 14 – Measuring Plumb

The top vial in this picture is checking the door frame for being plumb

This episode describes what “plumb” means and how to measure it.

This is the next to last of the series of measurements and is actually one of the most simple things to measure.

A post or wall or door frame is plumb if it is perpendicular to a level surface. Two devices are described to

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Episode 13 – Break is over

I this episode I am talking about some some decisions I have made about the future of this blog/podcast.

I had a couple of problems with where I was directing these posts.

The posts were all about skill building, but pretty much only in one area, construction. The posts were not heading toward involving others.

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