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Episode 5 — Making Things Square

In this episode we talk about three important uses of the word square. Then we drill down into the term square as used by craftsmen and builders. We then talk about square from a geometry point of view and describe the meaning of a parallelogram, a rectangle and a square.

Next we drive home the

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Episode 4 – Thinking Creatively – Zoom-In Zoom-Out

In this episode I talk about different ways to think about problems and projects.

The first concept is to zoom-out and look at the purpose and the project from a distance. Later as you work through details you will need to zoom back in for the close-up view. The zoom out often asks the question

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episode 3 – A Line

In this episode we discuss a line.

The definition of a line is the shortest distance between two points.

Adding a 3rd, or 4th or…. point(s) on that line between the two outer points is called interpolation. We will discuss two practical methods of doing that using our eye or a string.

Extending a line

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Episode 2 Measurements

It this post I talk about measurements.

The first question is how accurate do you need to be. You have to determine that because absolute accuracy is not always necessary.

After that I discuss things that decrease accuracy. Most of the time inaccuracy is due to technique and not a problem with the tool.


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Episode 1 – Why Create and Make

In this post I explore why we create and make. Some reasons are to make things the way you want them and to learn new skills and techniques. However, the biggest reason of all is because you can.

Later in this post I talk about where I want to take the site and the most

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Status as of Feb 3.

Since this blog/website is itself an example of Creating and Making something, it is probably worth a post to explain what I am doing. So far I have managed to get this site up and running. (This is my first dedicated domain site.) I have managed to get a post with an audio file. Unfortunately,

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Wave Shape and Frequencies

In this post I will discuss how the shape of a waveform is directly related to the frequencies used to create that waveform. This post is not typical for this site because this post is mostly informative about a science related topic and not about the practical aspects of creating and making. However, this post

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