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Taking a break.

I have decided to take time off for about a week. The first goal on building a blog or website is to have content, content, content. The purpose of lots of content that is constantly changing is once a person finds your site and find that they like it, they will come back for the

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Episode 12 – Introduction to Forces

This is the first of several episodes that will be talking about materials and the forces on them. In this episode we will be talking about Newton’s three laws of motion and specifically about Newtons 3rd law – equal and opposite reaction force.

Newton’s laws:

A body at rest will remain at rest unless acted

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This is just a short post today, No audio… just a post. On the facebook page which is a lot looser than this website, I shared a picture of what success is… the path from nothing to success. It is not pretty… lots of side paths.

When you plant seeds or if seeds plant themselves

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Episode 011: Using skills to solve problems.

John Henry told his captain Lord a man ain’t nothing but a man But before I’d let your steam drill beat me down I’d die with a hammer in my hand In this episode I will tell a story about how I used some of the skills we have already talked about and a few

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Episode 10 — Troubleshooting 101

Troubleshooting can be done to anything, a machine, a process, even a relationship.

The first step to troubleshoot something is understand the process or machine as much as possible and understand how it supposed to operate,.and what is the ideal output.

A machine or process can be divided up into 2 types and very often

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Episode 9 – Making things Level.

Level is a very desirable property in many cases such as counter-tops and floors. A door swinging across a foor that is not level may very well bind and catch on the floor. Anyone who has ever used a stove-top where the burners are not level knows the frustration of all the grease and

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Episode 8 – 10 Ideas

First off I want to point out a couple of new additions to the site. I now have a facebook and rss icons on this page. I have created a facebook page for this site. Feel free to join and help me create the direction for this site and community.

Second, I again want to

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Extra — Something About Nothing

This post is way out in left field… It is not really related to the site theme. This morning on the way to work I thought I would do some “freewheeling” as I described in the Zoom-in Zoom-out episode and I intended to do some pre-work toward a future episode about making things level. What

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Episode 7 – Simple Machines Part 2

This episode is a continuation of the previous episode. In this one we continue to explore the force and distance relationship with three new simple machines: the pulley, the wheel and axle, and the screw.

II also want to take this time to introduce a facebook page for this blog. The facebook page is: Create

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Episode 6 – Simple Machines Part 1

In this episode we will discuss simple machines and the concept trading distance for force to get the same work completed. Work is defined in physics as Force X Distance. Often it is advantageous to use less force over a greater distance to accomplish work that could not be done otherwise. Simple machines are designed

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